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4th October 2023

Spinnaker and The Hospital Research Foundation Group join forces

Paul Flynn and Dana Wallace Campbell

Medical research and patient care in the community will be given a significant boost when Spinnaker Health Research Foundation officially joins forces with The Hospital Research Foundation Group from 2 October.

Spinnaker Health Research Foundation CEO Dana Wallace-Campbell and The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) Group CEO Paul Flynn announced the organisations have agreed to formally collaborate, after both the Spinnaker and THRF Group boards voted to support the alliance.

The two organisations have an aligned purpose to achieve meaningful improvements across all areas of health and wellbeing for their communities – and to expand that community-focused impact nationally and internationally.

Ms Wallace-Campbell said that joining THRF Group, which consists of 11 charities and has its headquarters in South Australia, was great news for the 27-year-old Spinnaker Health Research Foundation and heralded a new and impactful chapter for the organisation.

“Spinnaker is excited to join with The Hospital Research Foundation Group, which we know shares our proud tradition and commitment to our community’s health and wellbeing,” she said.

“Advancing medical research means better healthcare for all. We have always invested in collaborations that can achieve the best for our community and believe the right partners are integral to our mission.

“We strive to pioneer the next great discovery and prioritise research that translates findings to clinical practice, ensuring the best possible diagnosis, treatment, and care for patients. We can do this better in partnership.

“Spinnaker has received no direct government funding. Like The Hospital Research Foundation, we are fortunate to have generous donors who fund research into the health issues facing our local community, knowing that it will have a global impact.”

Mr Flynn said THRF Group’s cooperative model ensures that all charities in its Group operate with maximum efficiency and impact in their communities, so that donated and commercially generated funds go directly to where the community needs it most.

“We’re looking forward to fostering further collaborations to improve the health and wellbeing of the community, and ensure all funds are going to the best and brightest research and patient care,” Mr Flynn said.

“The Hospital Research Foundation Group proudly funds research and patient care across the full spectrum of healthcare – from antenatal to end-of-life; from disease prevention to treatment, management, and survivorship; that has a local, national, and international impact.

“Through the power of working together, we will multiply the benefit to our communities by utilising the very best of both organisations’ skills and experience to enhance patient outcomes.”

Spinnaker and The Hospital Research Foundation Group will work closely during its transition phase to bring the operations of the two organisations’ together.

Importantly, funds generated in WA will be used for the benefit of West Australians; just as funds generated in SA will stay in South Australia. All staff will be retained and enhanced.


  • From 2 October, Spinnaker Health Research Foundation becomes a formal partner of The Hospital Research Foundation Group.
  • Spinnaker Health Research Foundation was previously known as the Fremantle Hospital Research Foundation, established as an independent charitable entity in 1996 at Fremantle Hospital to provide a centre of research excellence for the southern Perth community.
  • In 2016, the Foundation expanded to include Fiona Stanley Hospital and was renamed Spinnaker as a tribute to its founding chair Warren Jones, who was the manager of the successful America’s Cup syndicate in 1983.
  • Spinnaker Health Research Foundation has granted more than $6 million to support vital research for the people of Western Australia since 1999.
  • The Hospital Research Foundation Group started as The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Research Foundation in 1965, supporting a single hospital and research institute, before expanding to a statewide and national focus in 2011 as The Hospital Research Foundation.
  • The Hospital Research Foundation Group is the largest non-government medical research and patient support funder in South Australia.
  • Since 2004 THRF Group has provided more than $180 million in grants for medical research and patient care. Last year alone (2022), THRF Group provided $26.3 million in grants for research and community healthcare.
  • THRF Group supports several Australia-wide centres of excellence, such as the new Australian Bragg Centre for Proton Therapy and Research for children with hard-to-access tumours, plus Pancreatic Islet Transplantation to treat chronic pancreatitis.
  • THRF Group’s commercial activities, including the Hospital Research Foundation Home Lottery and property development activities, ensure generous philanthropic donations from the community go directly to research and patient care.
  • The Spinnaker / THRF partnership will enable the sharing of established governance, compliance, financial management, grant management, research assessment and cyber security resources, meaning an even greater percentage of donors’ and partners’ gifts can go directly to research and impact.