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Our Mission

The Hospital Research Foundation Group exists to deliver hope through life-changing medical research, improved care in our hospitals and support services in the community.


Our mission is to have a healthy community and wellbeing for everyone

Fighting to save lives and improve care

We conduct and deliver a progressive research and grants program that is sustainable, promotes collaboration and delivers impact for the community.

Our Group model allows us to be efficient with our administration, so that more funds go to the areas most in need.

We collaborate in order to maximise the impact we can have in the community. We truly do believe: we are stronger together.

Roslyne Harkness – Roslyne beats stroke with life saving new treatment
A man wearing a blue shirt and glasses standing in front of a window

Research Areas

The Hospital Research Foundation Group supports world-class medical research and patient care activities from pregnancy to end-of-life and all the devastating diseases in between.

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Woman instructor helping a lady on an exercise machine in a gym setting


At The Hospital Research Foundation Group, we are proud to offer a range of healthcare services for people battling disease and illness.

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See Our Impact

Cedric Bardy brain

Adelaide’s role in advancing Parkinson’s research

New insights into Parkinson’s disease may have been unlocked after Adelaide researchers helped recreate the human dopaminergic system in a petri dish.

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Youth mental health

New projects focus on youth mental health

Improving mental health outcomes for young Australians is the focus for two new projects being funded by The Hospital Research Foundation Group.

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Researcher in lab

Autism research giving hope to families

Researchers are investigating how autism develops in children, to inform new ways to diagnose, predict and treat the condition. 

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