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30th January 2020

Healing through creative arts

The mule shed activity hub

Tucked away in Adelaide’s Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre is an ordinary shed with extraordinary stories.

The Mule Shed Activity Hub is a rehabilitation space for patients who have sustained debilitating injuries from either a stroke, brain, spinal injury or another type of physical accident.

It is a safe space for patients to continue their rehabilitation outside of their hospital room, where they can participate in activities that appeal to them within a hands-on workshop and an area for board games, painting and drawing.

Supported through the Centre for Creative Health, a charity of THRF Group, the Mule Shed is led by Diversional Artist and Activity Hub Coordinator Brad Wilson.

You will find Brad amongst the inpatients and outpatients who visit, welcoming and encouraging each patient to participate in daily activities on offer.

“The patients I see are dealing with life-changing injuries that have affected them both physically and mentally. They are going through rehab and trying to find their new normal and new routine,” Brad said.

“The shed is designed to assist with their rehab and get them out of their rooms, encouraging them to socialise and interact with people as well as working with their occupational therapist and myself on their recovery.

“I haven’t yet had a person who hasn’t responded to these activities which is extremely positive. Two of those patients have come back as volunteers which is great for them!”

Helping patients get their life back

One of those patients is Milan, who was in a motorbike accident on Christmas Day 2018, suffering severe injuries including short-term brain damage, a fractured spine and damage to his body.

Today, Milan has made incredible progress thanks to his positive mindset and rehab including attending regular activity sessions at the Mule Shed.

“I’m a mechanic by trade so I naturally gravitated towards the tools at the shed,” Milan said.

“At the beginning I couldn’t even remember three words but through strategies I worked my way up. The Mule Shed not only helped with my physical recovery but it also helped mentally and spiritually. It added a lot of value to me and my recovery.”

Milan is now working towards returning to work with the support from Brad and his occupational therapist. A life-changing result!

“I’m working hard at my rehab and I’m looking forward to returning to work with the help from my occupational therapist and Brad. The shed has been an incredible help in my rehab and I’m grateful to Brad and everyone who is helping with my recovery.”