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3rd July 2019 Latest News Equipment

Free phone charging stations in northern EDs

Free Phone cahrging stations in northern Eds

Visitors to Lyell McEwin and Modbury Hospitals’ emergency departments who are caught with low phone battery are able to conveniently and securely charge their device for free thanks to The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF)!

THRF has donated three charging stations to the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NALHN) for the community to use free of charge during their unexpected visit to emergency. 

Two of the machines have been installed in Modbury and Lyell McEwin’s emergency departments and a third within Lyell McEwin’s paediatric emergency waiting room. Up to 12 devices are able to be charged at any one time in a secure compartment. 

THRF Chief Operations Officer Briony Marshall said the machines aimed to help the community during a difficult time.

“Patients and families who are visiting emergency are often unsure how long they are going to be there and vulnerable to the unknown,” Briony said.

“We are so reliant on our phones and devices that losing battery is a cause of anxiety for many people. A charged device will help a parent keep their child entertained or allow a loved one to be called to let them know what is happening.

“It is the first time the machines have been offered in South Australia for free. They are really easy to use and totally safe and secure.”

The idea came about after a parent’s phone went flat and they couldn’t contact family when their child needed surgery.

“There were other phones available but the person did not know the phone number,” Briony said.

“These charging stations will ensure that never happens again. If we can take one area of stress away from a parent or patient during their trip to emergency, then we are happy to provide that support.

“We are grateful to our donors and ticket buyers in the Hospital Research Home Lottery who have helped make these machines possible.”

Northern Adelaide Local Health Network CEO, Maree Geraghty, welcomed the machines.

“The free charging stations will help patients, families and friends keep in touch during what is usually a stressful time in the emergency department waiting for news on a loved one,” Ms Geraghty said.

“This is a fantastic initiative and I would like to thank The Hospital Research Foundation for their generous donation, which has enabled three free charging stations to be installed in emergency department waiting areas at the Lyell McEwin and Modbury Hospitals.”