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16th March 2023 Sleep

Improving care for depression and insomnia

Nicole Lovato

The Hospital Research Foundation Group is proud to announce a $125,000 grant to trial a new model of care for men suffering from depression and insomnia.

About 90% of men with depression experience insomnia, increasing their risk of future depression and relapse and reducing treatment response. However, insomnia is often neglected in depression management.

The project, led by Dr Nicole Lovato from Flinders University’s world-leading Sleep Health clinic, was awarded funding as part of a competitive grant round focused on men’s health.

On average, one in eight men will experience depression at some stage of their life,” Paul Flynn said, CEO of The Hospital Research Foundation Group.

“While awareness for mental illness is increasing, there is still a huge need to find new approaches for managing depression, providing support and helping to prevent the severe adverse outcomes that mental illness can bring.” 

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