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Dementia includes more than 100 progressive conditions affecting memory, rationality, social skills and much more. Our dementia research aims to increase knowledge about dementia prevention, develop new treatments for dementia and improve day-to-day care for people living dementia.

Dementia couple

Sadly, most people have seen the debilitating affects of dementia on a loved one.

Ed Donovan is living with Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s is the most common type of dementia, consisting of about 70% of all cases. There is no cure for dementia, which is why investment in dementia research is critical to help people living with this devastating disease.

The Hospital Research Foundation Group is committed to funding the latest dementia research in Australia. From research into the possibility of a cure for dementia, to innovations in how we can better care for patient needs, we are one of the leaders in dementia research.

Why is dementia research important?

We are getting closer and closer to a dementia cure breakthrough, but currently, there is no cure for dementia. Research into new treatments continues to lead to new developments. You can stay informed on the latest dementia news by subscribing to Fight News, our weekly e-newsletter, today.

Dementia support by hospital staff

Donate to dementia research

Donating to dementia research is a critical step towards achieving breakthroughs. Your contributions support the latest dementia research in Australia. Simply visit this link to make your secure donation. Each gift brings us closer to understanding and potentially curing this condition. Donate to dementia research today, and join us in this vital mission.

Monica Cations dementia
Woman smiling with young girl and boy

Greta (centre) was diagnosed with childhood dementia at just three years old

Is there any new research on dementia?

Absolutely, new research on dementia is ongoing and The Hospital Research Foundation Group is leading the way in current research on dementia in Australia. Our contributions are making a substantial difference in preventing, understanding and combating dementia.

Some examples of the work we are doing include:

  1. Dementia screening clinic detects Alzheimer’s years in advance: By developing advanced screening methods, we can identify Alzheimer’s disease long before symptoms appear. Read more
  2. Taking charge of a dementia diagnosis: We are trialling a new program to improve the care and understanding given to people and their families newly diagnosed with dementia. Read more
  3. Reducing the risk of developing dementia: Developing tools and prevention strategies for older Australians to reduce their risk of getting dementia. Read more
  4. Support for childhood dementia and their families: This grant supports essential services, resources and care for children with dementia and their loved ones. Read more

Dementia expert Dr Monica Cations answers your questions

asking an expert about dementia dr monica cations video

Areas of dementia research and care

The Hospital Research Foundation Group funds a range of different studies, research projects and initiatives designed to help reduce dementia risk and one day find a cure for dementia. Here are just a few:

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