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12th October 2021 Latest News

Streamer Roachzila spooks off diseases this Halloween

Woman smiling at camera with eyes closed taking a selfie

Roachzila is one of our Together Fright streamers who is pumped to help us frighten off diseases this Halloween!

A keen supporter of medical research, Roach has autism and is a streamer with a disability, who enjoys playing games on the internet and says she likes providing entertainment for strangers around the world.
She started streaming in October 2019 on Twitch and she has now developed into the ‘resident Australian cockroach’ in many communities playing a variety of games and causing chaos!

This Halloween, Roach is gearing up to raise awareness and funds for the many diseases that spook our community!

Roach has opened up to us about life, gaming and fighting against disease and illness!

Can you share with us some background about yourself?

I’m 26 years old and studying Psychology and I’m an LGBT+ disabled streamer from South Australia. I love providing entertainment for people and when I’m not streaming or studying, I am often walking my retired racing greyhounds (Tailor and Hunter) and creating digital art!

How did you get into gaming and what do you love most about it?

I played some games growing up but they never really piqued interest. I got into gaming because of streaming! I loved point and click style games and wanted to share things like Nancy Drew and Monkey Island but I finally decided to play Bayonetta and LOVED IT – from then on I was hooked on playing a little of everything!

Gaming is a way of being involved in a story and I want to experience those stories created by incredible artists, developers and storytellers. I think gaming can give people an outlet to experience things they might never be able to do and I think especially with my disabilities, I can appreciate the beauty in that.

Why is it important for you to be involved in Together. Fright?

I am so easily spooked by horror and the terrifying world of thriller games! Together. Fright. means I’m putting myself through that for a good cause! Being involved means I get to help others do the same thing and as a team, cheer each other on even when scared.

This fundraiser gives a platform to the community and joins everyone together to support those with diseases and also those just trying to get through some scary stories of their own.

How will you be spooking away disease this Halloween?

This October, myself and the team will be collecting funds through Just Giving during our Twitch streams! I’m so excited to share we will be giving away some game codes thanks to Evolve and SEGA and custom incentives from various streamers around the world!

Wise_Goat will be exploding a pumpkin on Sunday 24 October at 9pm.
Thievius_fox will be doing a special frightful event on Sunday 31 October.

We also have talents like faeviolin, MissMarv, SirBrandood and chromaglitch from team Emporium joining the fundraising and BoboChet team lead of The Stew and elliejoypanic team lead of CosmicHearts (two charity fundraising stream teams).

We have so so so much more going on! I encourage everyone to check them all out and you can do so here.

It seems fundraising and raising awareness for disease and illness is a passion of yours. How do you feel being involved in Together. Fright?

It feels incredible joining two things I am passionate about – gaming and spooking off diseases! Knowing that the funds we raise goes to a not-for-profit that is actually helping people not only in South Australia, but globally with essential research to change and save lives has made me feel safe. Fundraising events like this where everyone joins together gives us a fighting change to make a difference!

I want to actually do something to help others and even if it’s giving places like The Hospital Research Foundation Group my platform for a month, it feels like an achievement and makes me so proud!

I encourage the South Australian community to join me to spook away diseases! Any donation would be greatly appreciated, it all helps and lead to medical breakthroughs which saves lives. Donate today!

Make sure you also check out all the streamers taking part.