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12th January 2022 Latest News Parkinson’s

Light therapy shown to improve Parkinson's symptoms

Margaret Jarrett Parkinson's light therapy

New trial about to start!

The Hospital Research Foundation Group is proud to be supporting a new trial using laser light therapy as a treatment for the symptoms of Parkinson’s!

It will be the world’s first long-term, double-blinded, placebo trial in Parkinson’s using light therapy, run by Flinders University and health technology company SYMBYX.

Margaret Jarrett has been using the innovative light therapy helmet and handheld device for the past three years and describes it as “magic”, helping her regain her sense of smell, improve her gait, gut health and overall wellbeing.

WATCH her story below!

Thank you to our wonderful Parkinson’s community for supporting this trial. If you live with Parkinson’s and would like to participate, please contact [email protected] 

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