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30th January 2020 Cancer

Improving cancer patients’ quality of life

Julie Lanzendorfer – improving cancer patient quality of life

New pain management equipment for TQEH, thanks to the generosity of Bickford’s Group.

Much-needed equipment to help patients manage their pain has been purchased for The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, thanks to the generosity of beverage manufacturer Bickford’s Group.

Ten new CADD pumps (short for Continuous Ambulatory Delivery Device) are now available in TQEH’s Pain Management Unit to help control intractable pain, often caused by cancer.

“A CADD pump allows the team to run a continuous infusion of analgesia (pain relief) to help keep patients comfortable,” said Julie Lanzendorfer, Nurse Unit Manager at TQEH’s Pain Management Unit.

“The pump delivers analgesic medication following the placement of a catheter directly into the intrathecal (spinal) space. The catheter is then tunnelled under the skin to a port which sits just under the skin. The port is then needled, attached to a CADD pump which is then ‘set’ to deliver analgesic medication directly into the intrathecal space.”

Ms Lanzendorfer explained that many of the patients referred to the Unit were often suffering from the adverse side effects of opioids, which included excessive sedation.

She said quite often their quality of life was diminished as they were very sleepy but still suffering with poorly controlled pain.

“The acquisition of the new pumps has greatly improved the quality of life for our patients as the pumps are safe, mobile and compact to carry around,” Ms Lanzendorfer said.

Ms Lanzendorfer said the Pain Unit was delighted to receive the donation of money which was made through The Hospital Research Foundation, to be directed to TQEH’s Pain Management Unit. The team was overwhelmed by the gesture.

“It’s fantastic, they’re just so generous! We are very grateful,” she said.

The Bickford’s Group of companies creates a range of premium beverages including award-winning cordials, premium juices, carbonates, waters, wines and spirits and distributes to 36 countries worldwide.

Headquartered in South Australia, the Group is 100 per cent privately owned and operated.