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1st May 2023 Surgery Outcomes

Global recognition for hip replacement research

A man in a suit standing in front of an x-ray machine with another man lying on the bed ready for his mock scan

A new surgical technique developed at the Royal Adelaide Hospital to improve outcomes for hip replacement patients has been celebrated on the global stage in a book launched in Las Vegas in March.

Dr Stuart Callary and his orthopaedics team are one of the few groups in the world to use accurate measurements of implant stability – software that identifies poor-performing hip implants earlier which then allows for earlier interventions.

His work, proudly supported by The Hospital Research Foundation Group, saw him invited to submit a chapter for the book about the new technique and patient outcomes.

“My research allows us to measure very accurate implant movement at two years and determine whether that implant will fail long term. We are accurately assessing the success of the new technique at two years rather than waiting 10 – 20 years for the outcome,” Dr Callary said.

Learn more about Dr Callary’s research here. 

In Australia, about 50,000 people have a hip replacement each year. This research focusses on patients undergoing multiple repeat surgeries on the same hip as 30% of revision hip replacements currently fail within five years.

Congratulations Dr Callary, we look forward to seeing more updates!