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29th April 2021 Latest News Neuroendocrine Tumours

Dr Gabrielle Cehic AM is fighting back against neuroendocrine tumours in our community

A woman wearing a lab coat and blur boxing gloves stands in a boxing ring

These often-misdiagnosed tumours are no match for our fighter, Dr Cehic!

Neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) are malignant cancer cells found in the neuroendocrine system, affecting around 1 in 50 Australians.

Unfortunately, NETs are often misdiagnosed because they can occur in many different organs and have no common set of symptoms. This means that 60 per cent of people have advanced disease at the time of diagnosis.

With no known causes or avoidable risk factors, new research to improve outcomes and quality of life for people living with NETs is vital.
Thankfully, we have Dr Cehic on our side!

Dr Cehic is a nuclear medicine physician and oncologist at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH). Equipped with funding from The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) Group, she and her team are fighting back to ensure their patients continue to be offered the best of diagnostic, treatment and supportive care well into the future.

Three women standing with their arms crossed in a hospital

Dr Cehic and her team at TQEH

The QEH is one of only a few centres nationally to provide a specialised radiotherapy service to patients living with NETs. Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy (PRRT) can stabilise the disease, often improving quality of life by reducing the impact of hormones and controlling patients’ symptoms.

As the Director of SA’s PRRT service, Dr Cehic says, “The driving force for me has been, and will always be, to improve the lives of my patients whose health and wellbeing has been entrusted to me.”

“The ongoing success of medical advances continues to improve outcomes across many areas, but there remains unmet need, especially when dealing with uncommon or rare disease like NETs.”

To combat this, Dr Cehic’s ground-breaking research aims to identify the various symptoms that can affect the physical and psychological wellbeing of people living with NETs. In doing so, she and her team can then develop individualised strategies to effectively manage these symptoms and improve quality of life.

In addition to providing world-leading care, Dr Cehic is also passionate about ensuring all her patients feel heard and fully supported.
“Knowing and believing that there is a team of people to help and support you along the way provides our patients with the will and strength to move from treatment to treatment, day after day,” Dr Cehic says.

This drive and compassion is why Dr Cehic volunteered to be a part of our new Together. Fight. campaign. Together. Fight. is a message for all South Australians, reminding us that we are not alone in the fight against diseases and illnesses such as NETs. Together with researchers, clinicians, patients and community support, we’re fighting for you by providing grants for life-changing medical research and improved healthcare.

Dr Cehic says, “Chronic disease, in its many forms, really can be a ‘Beast.’ Together. Fight. highlights how we are all in this together, and I am honoured to be a part of a campaign with such a strong message.”