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27th January 2020 Latest News Creative Health

Alleviating anxiety for patients and staff during COVID-19

Dr Patsy Tan

The Centre for Creative Health’s (CCH) Music Therapist Dr Patsy Tan is working hard to support patients at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) as they battle their health issues and face uncertainty as the world is affected by COVID-19.

CCH is a charity of The Hospital Research Foundation, providing best-practice and design programs, projects and other creative initiatives to the patients, visitors and staff within The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Lyell McEwin Hospital, Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre and the RAH.

In response to the crisis, Dr Tan is concentrating on the General Medicine Ward where she is working with the clinical staff to manage the needs of the patients including anxiety, depression, pain management and reality orientation.

The good news is the patients’ response has been extremely positive during a difficult time!

Since COVID-19, the main referrals have been anxiety management. Dr Tan’s role as a Music Therapist is to soothe the atmosphere with music for both staff and patients in the ward.

“Initially I was working directly with patients, one-on one and I have now moved to an open area of the ward, using music to alleviate anxiety for patients and staff,” she said.

Dr Tan has worked in hospital settings for over 25 years and has experienced previous health outbreaks in her home country of Singapore.

“My experience in Singapore has helped me to remain calm through this pandemic. All the years of drills has helped me to know what to activate to get my job done. Remain calm, think and act accordingly,” she said.

“It helps my colleagues when I share my experience with them.

“I feel safe being here, working with the staff and patients to help them at a time of uncertainty and great need.”

Delivering music therapy in the clinical setting during this uncertain time, Dr Tan has helped give patients and staff a moment of relief and support.

THRF is proud to support the incredible efforts of our healthcare professionals at this most challenging time.