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5th January 2024 Neuroendocrine Tumours

Mum's lasting memory

Gabby Cehic, Mardi, Elise

There is an unbreakable bond between a daughter and her mum. They are best friends, always there for each other, no matter what.

So when Mardi Brougham’s mum Jill became ill with debilitating neuroendocrine tumours, Mardi was always going to be there as her carer. No matter what.

Sadly, Jill succumbed to her cancer in 2016, but Mardi’s love lives on.

Jill received wonderful care from The Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s nuclear medicine team – a place Mardi also spent lots of time, waiting, while Jill underwent her radiation treatment.

To say thanks to the nuclear medicine team and honour her mum’s memory, Mardi dedicated her recent 50th birthday to fundraising for the team and clinician Associate Professor Gabby Cehic AM.

The dedicated artwork, and top photo (L-R): Associate Professor Gabby Cehic AM, Mardi Brougham and Elise Thomas.

The money raised went towards commissioning a piece of artwork from artist Elise Thomas, to adorn the waiting room of the otherwise clinical-looking department.

“My loving mum, a woman of grace and compassion, was the inspiration behind this commissioned artwork – a butterfly, adorned in her favourite colour pink,” Mardi said.

“Pink, the hue of care and tenderness, mirrors both mum’s nurturing spirit and the compassion of the remarkable medical team that became her allies in the battle against illness.

“The wings of the butterfly unfold like chapters in mum’s story. It pays homage to mum’s resilience, a quality that mirrored the fluttering wings of a butterfly navigating life’s unpredictable winds.”

Titled ‘Care and Hope’, the artwork also pays tribute to A/Prof Cehic and team.

“At the heart of this masterpiece are the dedicated and extraordinary individuals of the multidisciplinary medical team. A place where mum found solace in their expertise,” said Mardi.

“May this piece resonate with anyone facing the trials of illness, or walking alongside a loved one travelling a similar journey, serving as a source of comfort and healing.”

In receiving the piece, A/Prof Cehic paid tribute to Mardi, whose journey as a carer sometimes gets lost behind the person living with the illness.

“There’s a huge gap in the life of a carer when the person passes. They go to all their appointments and take on the emotional load, and then when the loved one is gone there is a real hole,” A/Prof Cehic said.

“This is a gift that will inspire us to continue through incredible challenges, and ensure that the journeys that patients and carers go on together are as painfree and full of hope as possible.

“Artist Elise Thomas nailed the brief, she’s showed a whole other dimension of care that we can bring into this department. It is so peaceful and calming, and it will have a cascading effect for everyone who sits here.”

The Hospital Research Foundation Group is proud to support the nuclear medicine department at TQEH, and helped facilitate Mardi’s artwork and additional cash donation.