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30th January 2020 Latest News Pregnancy And Birth

Helping babies thrive from the second they are born

Monica Ryan  Helping babies thrive from the second they are born

THRF funds lifesaving infant warmers at Lyell McEwin Hospital (LMH).

The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) is proud to be helping newborn babies thrive and avoid complications by funding two lifesaving infant warmers, called ‘panda warmers’ at the Lyell McEwin Hospital (LMH).

As soon as a baby is born, they are put on a panda warmer to track their progress. It provides heat, records temperature, oxygen saturation levels, heartbeat and weight and also has the capability of providing emergency oxygen and resuscitation if needed.

Monica Ryan, LMH Midwifery Unit Manager says the infant warmers are vital in the delivery suites and have smarter technology than the old ones they were working with.

“These panda warmers are essentially five machines in one, they’re intuitive and smart. The best thing is they are used in other hospitals so now when doctors are here to deliver babies, they know exactly how to use the machine,” Monica said.

“It saves valuable time when recording newborn vitals and we are so happy and grateful to finally have these in our unit. They will definitely make our work a lot easier and smoother.”

Each year, LMH delivers around 3,800 babies and admits approximately 1,000 babies who come through the Special Care Nursery.

“Aside from babies born here, around 80 per cent of babies admitted to LMH use these infant warmers. They are essential for babies from the second they are born and for those who have further complications,” Monica said.

THRF is proud to have provided two of these essential warmers to the birthing unit at LMH.