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14th December 2023 Ambassador Story Cancer

Painting a brighter future without cancer

Greer Tappert 2

In life, the unexpected can strike at any moment.

Greer Tappert, an ambassador for The Longest Table, knows this all too well, as both her parents battled against cancer. 

“Cancer can end your life in any moment,” Greer says. “And when it does, it’s devastating. It’s petrifying.” 

Greer’s father was diagnosed with renal carcinoma and her mother battled lung cancer.

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Thankfully, both of Greer’s parents are now cancer free, but she hopes to use her creative talents to give back to those who helped her family and continue the fight against cancer for others. 

Driven by this gratitude and a desire to give back, Greer became a host and ambassador for The Longest Table in 2023. She hosted a paint and sip event in Norwood, a unique and creative way to bring people together in support of cancer research. 

“I know that the research that has been done is what helped save my mum and dad’s lives,”

Greer acknowledges, highlighting the tangible impact of fundraisers like The Longest Table. 

Greer’s event was not just a fundraiser; it was a celebration of life, a gathering where people could enjoy magnificent food and wine while exploring their own creative skills. The art workshops hosted by Greer provided a platform for the community to come together, fostering a sense of solidarity and purpose. 

Reflecting on the significance of The Longest Table, Greer notes,

“The money we raise through The Longest Table goes to the Hospital Research Foundation Group to continue this research, to find more cures and greater treatment for a cancer-free future.”

It’s a call to action, an invitation for others to join the cause by becoming hosts themselves. 

Through The Longest Table, Greer has turned her personal struggle into a force for positive change, inspiring others to do the same.  

Every dinner party hosted can be a brushstroke against cancer, contributing to the canvas of hope for a future free from the grip of this relentless disease.

Join Greer and countless others – become a host for The Longest Table and help paint a brighter tomorrow. 

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