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Join the fight to save lives

Donate today to join the fight and show your support for lifesaving medical research. Your kindness and generosity saves lives. Together, we are stronger. Together, we can support our loved ones. With YOU in our corner, we have a fighting chance to find cures and improve healthcare in our community.

Donate today to save lives!

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Join the Frontline in Medical Breakthroughs

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Together, we can give everyone a fighting chance against illness and disease

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Your action today will give our loved ones a chance to beat illness and disease. Every dollar raised will go directly towards life saving medical research and patient care projects. You can take the first step towards helping to find a cure and reduce the suffering for thousands in need.

Your generosity today will make a lifesaving difference!

At The Hospital Research Foundation Group, we fight over 50 areas of disease and illness through world-class medical research and improved care for families here in Australia and around the world.

Zoe Proton Therapy Operation

Proton Therapy

Professor Jordan Hansford, a children’s neuro-oncologist, says the fight doesn’t stop for kids once cancer-free. They often face a long road ahead. that over 150,000 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in Australia just in 2021. With lifesaving Proton Therapy, cancer-fighting kids can look forward to their hopeful futures.

Support Proton Therapy
Margaret Jarrett Parkinson's light therapy

Fighting Parkinson's

Red light therapy works on the mitochondria of cells to increase energy production, improve blood flow to neurons, and help our genes assist the brain in repairing itself. Margaret Jarrett has been using light therapy for the past three years to treat her Parkinson’s symptoms, helping her regain her sense of smell and improve her gait, gut health and overall wellbeing.

Fight Parkinson's
Palliative Care Giving Day Hero Image 2

Support Palliative Care

Over 5000 South Australians are referred to specialist palliative care every year. All people facing the end of their lives are vulnerable. But sadly, some groups don’t access health care easily. Through education, improving access and providing a wide range of approaches, we can help ALL South Australians receive world-class palliative care when they need it most.

Support Palliative Care
Jiawen Li heart

Fighting Heart Disease

Heart attacks are still Australia’s biggest killer. Frighteningly, we still don’t understand the warning signs for many types of heart disease, making it even more challenging to find effective treatment options. More than 500 people suffer cardiac arrest each year in South Australia, and only 5-10% survive to live a meaningful life afterwards. We need to act now to advance research to change this!

Support Heart Disease Projects

Make a kind donation today!

We need you in our corner more than ever… because the enemies are too big to take on alone.

Make a donation to give our loved ones a fighting chance against disease.

Your donation will show that you stand with The Hospital Research Foundation Group’s world-leading research and patient care projects.

Together, we will fight

  • for cures and to save lives.

  • for better treatments and improved patient care in hospitals.

  • to stop disease and end suffering.

  • to advance medical research so we can beat our enemies faster than ever.

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Girl with father joining the fight

Together, we are stronger. Together, we will win.

Fight for Helena

Helena is a force to be reckoned with.

Battling kidney disease since she was 15 years old, Helena has fought bravely through grueling dialysis and two kidney transplants.

On top of being a kidney disease fighter, Helena is a passionate medical research champion and has raised over $30,000 to fund kidney research so that future Australians can receive the best care and treatment.

Helena knows that medical research has the knock-out power to end suffering and save lives.

Now she is calling on YOU to join the fight against enemies like kidney disease.

Join the Fight
A man in a suit standing behind a seated woman in a hospital gown in a boxing ring with boxing gloves looking serious

“...if it wasn’t for research, people like me wouldn’t be here today.” - HELENA, KIDNEY DISEASE FIGHTER