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Thunderbirds vs Mental Illness

Did you know around 1 in 6 women in Australia will experience depression and 1 in 3 women will experience anxiety during their lifetime? This season the Adelaide Thunderbirds are joining The Hospital Research Foundation Group to take a stand for better mental health for young women in South Australia. Join our team and stand with us. Donate today to help improve mental health outcomes for our daughters, sisters, teammates, friends and loved ones.

$6,194 Raised

$10,000 Goal

Join our team and improve mental health outcomes for young women

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We’re fighting for our teammates

The Thunderbirds dynamic goal shooter, Lenize Potgieter, has faced her own battle with mental illness and was forced to step away from the game she loved to focus on her mental health.

“I was always someone who was joking, bantering and laughing,” says Lenzie.

But that all changed when the build-up of being homesick for her South African family over two years of Covid-19 disruptions, continuous quarantines and the pressure of playing netball from a young age left Lenzie feeling depressed, lonely, anxious and burnt out.

“I had no appetite. I didn’t want to walk my dogs, be active, train or do anything. I just wanted to stay in bed in a dark room and either cry or sleep.”

Watch Lenzie open up about her tough journey with mental illness and how she fought back with the support of her family, friends and teammates.

We’re fighting for our loved ones

Unfortunately for the thousands of us like Lenzie, maintaining our mental health and fighting back against mental illness is an ongoing battle and serious concern.

Every day, young women are facing challenges with mental illness including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addiction and many other worrying conditions.

Mental illness doesn’t discriminate. It’s important to be aware of the signs to look out for in your loved ones, offer your support and encourage them to get the help they need.

Will you help us fight for our sisters, daughters, teammates and loved ones?

Together, we can raise awareness, open conversations, and improve care and treatment plans for young women facing mental health challenges.

Thunderbirds Mental Health

Will you join the Thunderbirds this season to fight our toughest opponent yet?

Adelaide Thunderbirds Player in Ring

We’re fighting for all young women

The Thunderbirds and THRF Group are passionate about improving awareness of mental illness and supporting our community to prioritise their mental wellbeing.

Together, we can provide avenues for young Australian women to reach their potential and live fulfilling and happy lives. Through a connected support network, staying active both physically and mentally, asking for help and access to mental health resources, we can help improve the health and wellbeing outcomes for women across Australia.

No woman should face mental health challenges alone. Will you join us, along with the Thunderbirds, and ensure every young woman in Australia who is fighting mental illness gets the support they need?

NETBALL - Adelaide Thunderbirds and the Hospital Research Foundation. Picture: Sarah Reed/ Netbal SA

Your donation helps in the fight!

THRF Group delivers hope through life-changing medical research, improved care in hospitals and specialised support services in the community. THRF Group is fighting for the 1 in 5 South Australians experiencing mental illness.

We currently have several special projects underway, including essential research to help young adults fighting mental illness, and an initiative to improve mental health and wellbeing through sport. But there is more to be done! With your donation today, you can join the Thunderbirds in improving the lives of young women right here in South Australia.

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Join the team!

The Thunderbirds have joined forces with THRF Group to ensure our daughters, friends and sisters are supported in their mental health. We stand for our teammates. For our fans. For our loved ones. Together, we can raise much needed awareness and funds to fight mental illness in our community.

Adelaide Thunderbirds vs Mental Health

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