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Stand with the Thunderbirds in the fight against brain cancer

Brain cancer kills more Australians under 40 than any other cancer and tragically there is no cure. Despite significant increases in survival rates for other cancers, brain cancer survival rates are low and have hardly changed in 30 years. Finding more effective treatments for this heartbreaking disease is crucial, which is why the Adelaide Thunderbirds are teaming up with The Hospital Research Foundation Group for the 2023 season. But we can’t do it alone. Will you join us and make a stand against brain cancer?

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So brave of Cate, sister and nieces to be at the netball. So sad for her though .

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Cate's Story

See Cate's Story!

Cate’s courageous battle

Cate West is a loving mum, wife, sister, daughter, aunty and friend – and is facing a heartbreaking fight against brain cancer. 

It was late 2021, following three months of severe headaches and nausea, occasional numbness to her limbs and countless visits to her GP, Cate was eventually told the worst.  

With her sister and husband by her side, Cate was diagnosed with a 6cm brain tumour, resulting in Stage 3 Astrocytoma. 

After going home to say goodbye to her son, Eddie, Cate was urgently admitted to hospital for a craniotomy. It was one of many hospital visits to come. 

“I could never have imagined in a million years that this is how my life would go,” said Cate. 

Cate’s loving husband Steve has been her support through all the ups and downs of this journey, alongside her loving parents and family. 

“I’ve been really lucky with my little army who I’ve got around me. Without that, I think it would be a lot tougher.” 

Cate and son smiling

Fighting for a cure

As an avid netball fan, Cate is bravely joining the Thunderbirds’ mission to raise awareness and funds for better treatments and research for brain cancer. 

“I didn’t realise how common brain tumours were, and particularly in young people,” said Cate’s sister, Jane. 

“We want to get more research, find better treatment options and find a cure for all cancers. 

The only way we can ever make a change for the better is to raise funds and awareness.” 

By banding together, Cate, Netball SA, the Adelaide Thunderbirds and The Hospital Research Foundation Group can spread the word far and wide – raising awareness and funds for brain cancer treatments and improving the overall health of our community. 

It’s up to us to fight back. Will you help fight for a breakthrough and save lives from brain cancer?

Cate in hospital bed

“Netball has been my rock”

Netball has always been an important part of Cate and her family’s life.  

In fact, the night Cate was diagnosed with brain cancer, her nieces bravely wanted to go play netball in honour of their aunty. 

“We went to netball that night and I’ll never forget the feeling of support that we had. Chloe was determined that she was going to keep playing for aunty,” said Cate’s sister, Jane.  

“Netball has just been such a big part of Cate and my life, and now through my girls we can unite together.” 

Cate and her family were invited to the Thunderbirds fan day on February 23 to meet the players and watch her beloved Pink Army play! 

“Netball has always been something to really hold our family together.”

We need your help right now. Join us in our mission to fight against brain cancer and support world-class research and patient care.

Cate at netball fan day

It’s up to us to fight back!

Every day, thousands of Australians hear those fateful words, “you have cancer”. 

In fact, around 2000 everyday Australians – like Cate – develop brain cancer every year. Over the last 30 years, the number of people surviving other types of cancers has steadily improved. However, the five-year survival rate for brain cancer has stayed low, at around 22%.

Thanks to the support of our kind-hearted community, The Hospital Research Foundation Group can continue to fund lifesaving research to fight brain cancer, and innovative patient care programs.

Donate now to support world-class research and find a cure for brain cancer. Because if we don’t, who will?

Two researchers in white lab coats standing in a boxing ring touching gloves

"Thank you for getting behind us”

Cate's strength inspires us all. Join Cate and her loving parents and family to help make a difference in the fight against brain cancer by donating to support research and find a cure.

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