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Innovations in (1) Disease Diagnostics and (2) Men’s Health Grant Round – Closed

The Hospital Research Foundation Group was pleased to invite Expressions of Interest (EoI) from SA-based health and medical researchers for its 2022 Targeted Project Grant Round focused on addressing unmet need in two areas: Innovations in Disease Diagnostics (Stream 1) and Innovations in Men’s Health (Stream 2).

  • Stream 1: Innovations in Disease Diagnostics

Stream 1 called for innovative proposals that advance novel diagnostic tests or procedures toward a step-change in such things as diagnostic speed, accuracy and precision, acceptability and cost.

Projects should be at Technology Readiness Level 3 (TRL3) or higher, underpinned by validated proof-of-principle data establishing the feasibility of the diagnostic innovation. Funding may be requested to support further diagnostic test development, at any point between early stage development to implementation.

Specifically out of scope for Stream 1 are proposals focused on monitoring of chronic or long-term illness and/or the discovery or validation of biomarkers.

  • Stream 2: Innovations in Men’s Health

Stream 2 was looking for innovative and creative projects that addressed a significant unmet need in the field of Men’s Health, particularly projects aligned with one or more of the priority areas identified in the Department of Health’s National Men’s Health Strategy 2020-2030, being:

  1. Mental health and wellbeing;
  2. Chronic conditions;
  3. Sexual and reproductive health;
  4. Injuries and risk-taking behaviour; and
  5. Healthy ageing.

As outlined in the Strategy, “men’s health” encapsulates health issues which pertain specifically to men and boys, or issues in which they are demonstrably over-represented.

  • Both streams

Projects in both streams were expected to describe potential or actual pathways whereby the proposed innovations could lead to beneficial outcomes and impacts for the field of research, patient healthcare, and the broader community. Transdisciplinary teams and the inclusion of early career researchers in project teams is encouraged.

Proposals may request funding of up to either $250,000 (Tier A) or $125,000 (Tier B) total for a maximum of two years. We anticipate funding more Tier B than Tier A projects.

We are seeking to fund projects which do not duplicate or substantially overlap with existing projects or pending proposals. Please refer to the Guidelines for more details.

Expressions of Interest will only be accepted via the SmartyGrants platform and must be submitted by the deadline of 4:00pm (ACST) Wednesday 27th July 2022.

Once you log in to SmartyGrants and click on the round, you will be given the option to download a preview PDF of the form. Please note this is for preparation purposes only – applications will only be accepted via SmartyGrants. For any additional questions about SmartyGrants, please download their Help Guide to applicants.

Please download the documents below – they will be required for EoI preparation and submission:

For more information, please contact the THRF Group Research Grants team at [email protected].