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Help Parker fight for Aussie kids!

Heartbreakingly, brain cancer is still the most common cancer-causing death among Aussie children. 12-year-old basketball superstar Parker, wants to change this and has teamed up with The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) Group to raise vital funds for lifesaving medical research. But he needs your help.

$690 Raised

$1,000 Goal

Donate now to support kids fighting brain cancer!

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14 hours ago


Christopher Bond
Donated to the appeal

1 day ago


Joanna Demasi
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2 days ago


Meg Roberts
Donated to the appeal

Well done, Parker! Keep up the good work for such a worthy cause.

3 days ago


Sarah Crowder
Donated to the appeal

All the best Parker!

4 days ago


Kirsten Victory
Donated to the appeal

This is so great, Parker. Well done!

6 days ago


Mika Roberts
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Good luck Parker! Best wishes, Mika

6 days ago


Fullarton Park Dental
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Fantastic work Parker! Very proud of you.

6 days ago


Steph Roberts
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This is so awesome Parker, very proud of you. Love always A Steph, Connor & Decky 😀

7 days ago


Leanne Pannunzio
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Goodluck Parker, from Jacob.

7 days ago


Kirby Beatty
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Parker wants to help Aussie kids battling illness and disease.

Parker is teaming up with THRF Group, and holding his own fundraiser to support vital medical research.

“I have always wanted to help people in need, because I want them to have a happy life and access health care.” Parker said. 

Support Parker with a kind donation as he dribbles a basketball for 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off every hour, for 6 hours at GameReady Performance Gym on 16th January 2023.

When 12-year-old Parker grows up, his dream is to play basketball for the Adelaide 36ers and become a paramedic to fight for the health of his community.   

Your donation today will help Parker reach his fundraising goal and make a bigger impact in the fight for our Aussie kids.

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Why does Parker need you? 

Brain cancer is one of the most common childhood cancers, with around 120 children and adolescents diagnosed each year in Australia. 

Brain cancer also causes more deaths in children than any other type of cancer. 

Sadly, children with the worst survival rate (about 55%) are those younger than 5 years old. Brain cancer is one of the toughest cancers to treat. The surgery involved has a high risk of brain damage, and in some cases, it is just impossible. 

Radiation therapy can temporarily delay tumour growth, however, many chemotherapy drugs can’t cross the blood-brain barrier (our natural defence system against harmful chemicals entering the brain) and so can’t reach the cancer. 

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You can help!

Professor Michael Brown and his team at the Centre for Cancer Biology in Adelaide are working hard to fight for Aussie children. In their study, they aim to provide a new kind of immunotherapy for aggressive brain cancers that affect children (and adults). 

This immunotherapy is called chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T cell therapy. CAR T-cell therapy involves using a patient’s own cancer-fighting T-cells, genetically engineering them in the lab to create supercharged “CAR” T-cells, and then returning them to the patient in the hope they can home in on the brain cancer and attack the cancer cells. 

This approach has shown incredible results in effectively killing the brain cancer cells in pre-clinical trials, which gives us confidence that the next phase of the project with brain cancer patients will yield incredible results. 

This is where you can really help. Your donation today will help advance this lifesaving research. 

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Daryl dreams of playing for the 36ers one day too

When Daryl, a basketball obsessed 10-year-old kid was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour impacting his vision, his dreams of playing for the 36ers were put on hold.  

After a gruelling 8-hour surgery and many attempts, the surgeon could not remove the tumour out of fear that Daryl may become blind. As Daryl faced intense chemotherapy, that didn’t stop him from fighting for his dream of playing with the 36ers. 

Your donation to Parker’s fundraiser will ensure our researchers can get one step closer for improved treatments for kids like Daryl who are fighting brain cancer. 

“Your donation will make a big difference,” said Parker.  

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Adelaide 36ers

A special thanks to THRF Group's partner, Adelaide 36ers, for joining the fight against childhood brain cancer.

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