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9th September 2022

THRF Group’s first Giving Day a huge success

Lucy Cornes at Giving Day

Together, we raised $544,146 to fight for improved healthcare and patient services in our community.

On Thursday 9 June, our community came together over 12 hours to raise an amazing amount to save and change lives in South Australia!

Thanks to this support, we can help people fighting cancer, heart disease, stroke, Parkinson’s, mental illness, traumatic injuries, and provide world-class palliative care for those who need it most.

Throughout the day, staff, volunteers and ambassadors including Lucy Cornes, called friends, colleagues and generous donors to help meet the target of $350,000. Thanks to your support and those of our gift matchers, we smashed the target and raised 158% of our goal, receiving over 2000 donations!

Thanks to these outstanding efforts, we can ensure world-class palliative care services, education and research is available to support families grieving their loved ones and those who need care across SA. Thank you for your support this Giving Day, we couldn’t have done it without you!