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3rd May 2021 Stroke

Stroke survivor gives back through Home Lottery

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Home Lottery supporter Max shares his health battles

Max Harrison is a familiar face to The Hospital Research Foundation Home Lottery staff as a long-time ticket buyer who enjoys giving back to medical research and patient care after his own health battles.

Max is a fighter, having suffered a stroke back in 2017 which left him completely paralysed and unable to talk, move or eat.
He had recently returned home from a cruise holiday around the South Pacific when he slipped and hit his head on a table.

“When I fell, I fractured my skull which caused a brain bleed, affecting my left temporal lobe. I spent a while in hospital as I was also fighting pneumonia,” Max said.

“I was paralysed, I couldn’t walk, talk or eat and I lost feeling on my face, at one point I couldn’t close my eyes or blink.”

Max was determined to get back on his feet, so he underwent intensive rehabilitation for five months at Daw Park and is very appreciative of the doctors, nurses and healthcare workers who cared for him both in hospital and at rehab.

“I went through a lot in rehab, but thankfully, with help, I was able to teach myself how to walk, talk and eat again,” Max said.
“The biggest joy for me was when I started walking.”

Max understands the value of medical research and knows today’s advancements helped save his life.

“I know I am very lucky to be alive. Because of what I went through, purchasing tickets in the Home Lottery is my way of giving back and saying thank you,” Max said.

“I’m part of the fight and everyone else can join. To me, purchasing tickets is a feel-good thing. I hope more people can appreciate and be grateful of how far technology and medical research have come.”

Max loves supporting the Home Lottery so much, he is a regular visitor to all Home Lottery houses throughout the year and his son even gifts him tickets for Father’s Days.

“I’ve become a regular visitor and have great chats with the Home Lottery staff and security who always make me feel welcome. I’ll continue buying tickets for as long as I can to support medical research!”

You too can join Max by purchasing a Home Lottery ticket at the Grand Prize home at South Brighton, or via the website