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20th April 2022 Latest News Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s ACT joins The Hospital Research Foundation Group

Parkinson's ACT

Expansion and enhancement of client support services and programs will be the focus of a new partnership between Parkinson’s ACT (PACT) and The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) Group.

Both organisations are committed to increasing and improving services for Parkinson’s clients and their families in and around the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) as well as supporting vital research into the disease.

“The Hospital Research Foundation Group is pleased to welcome Parkinson’s ACT into our family. We are dedicated to delivering improved services for individuals in the ACT living with Parkinson’s, as well as supporting their loved ones.

“As a first step towards increasing support to the Parkinson’s community across the ACT, we have committed $250,000 for the growth of wellbeing services and programs in 2022 and beyond. We are grateful the Parkinson’s ACT community have put their faith in the tangible and sustainable outcomes this merger will be able to generate,” THRF Group CEO Paul Flynn said.

PACT will remain an incorporated body and will continue to meet its constitutional objectives in supporting people living with Parkinson’s in the ACT.

Former Vice President of Parkinson’s ACT Marcia Kimball said the partnership would serve to strengthen vital health and wellbeing services.

“Coming under the auspices of THRF Group means that PACT’s future is secure. Our capacity to expand and improve existing services and programs will be greatly increased, as will our reach to the many people living with Parkinson’s including their family, friends and agencies who support them.

“Our current membership of people living with Parkinson’s, their families, carers and health professionals is around 450 and yet we know that there are approximately 1,500 people living with Parkinson’s in our community,” Ms Kimball said.

The shared objective of both organisations is to maximise choice, independence and wellbeing for people affected by Parkinson’s or other movement disorders through support, education and advocacy. The collective intent is to maintain all existing services, support groups and programs with scope for expansion.

There will also be an inclusive and consultative approach to planning, priorities, and strategic direction with the PACT Board of Governors providing guidance around raising awareness, support services, fundraising and distribution.

Both organisations will continue to work closely during this exciting transition and members will be kept informed throughout the process. The alignment of THRF Group and PACT’s values and objectives will pave the way towards a long and prosperous future in serving and supporting our entire Parkinson’s community.