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10th July 2023 Arthritis

Life hacks for living with arthritis: "More Grip Less Slip"

Grip water bottle
Grip thumbnail

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In your daily life, are there things you’d like to grip better? A grip mat is a simple, cheap solution that helps your fingers grip items and makes daily tasks easier.

WATCH the video above to see this great hack in action.

Some advantages of a grip mat include:

  • it cushions hard edges
  • helps with opening jars and bottles
  • makes taps easier to turn (you can keep some near the sink!)
  • helps grip an item when lifting
  • makes gripping small, fiddly things easier (like a zip)
  • or things that need a stronger grip
  • or keeping an item stable (like a chopping board).

You can buy a grip mat for about $15 from hardware or retail stores, and cut it up in various sizes.

Thank you to our Group charity The Hospital Research Foundation Group – Arthritis for compiling this excellent hack!