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27th June 2022 Bowel Cancer

Time to talk poo for bowel cancer awareness

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Do you know the symptoms of bowel cancer?

It is largely to do with your poo and poo habits. (Although not everyone experiences symptoms.)

It is also important at any age! The number of young adults with bowel cancer is increasing, accounting for 1 in 10 of all cases in Australia. 

Have you recently had a consistent change in poo habits?

🧻 more diarrhoea-like poo
😬 constipation
🚽 going to the toilet more often
🥵 trying to go but can’t.

Has the shape or appearance of your poo changed?

🟤 narrower poos than usual
⚪ mucus in your poo
🔴 blood in your poo.

Have you experienced any other issues on a regular basis?

😳 bleeding from your anus or rectum
💨 frequent gas pain or cramps
🐘 a feeling of fullness or bloating
🚽 a full poo feeling even after going to the toilet
🧎‍♀️ unexplained anaemia (a low red blood count causing tiredness or weight loss)
☹ pain or a lump in the anus or rectum.

Make an appointment with your GP if you’ve had any of these symptoms for two weeks or more. When diagnosed early, 98% of cases can be successfully treated.

Important note: Blood in your poo or rectal bleeding should never be ignored.

WATCH this light-hearted view of some of the symptoms to look out for:

Bowel Cancer Thumbnail_16x9