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25th August 2023 Cancer

Home Lottery gift from “angels” for cancer research

Carmelina, dogs & Home Lottery for web

Do you ever hear stories that give you goosebumps? When there are just too many coincidences that you think there might be a higher force at play?

That’s Carmelina Rosa’s story.

Carmelina’s childhood home at Hyde Park, where her parents lived for 60 years before they passed away and it was sold two years ago, is the new Hospital Research Foundation Home Lottery Grand Prize.

“My dad had multiple myeloma (a type of blood cancer). And so for their home to be used for the Home Lottery, where proceeds go to cancer research, I feel like it’s a gift from mum and dad,” Carmelina says.

Carmelina feels strongly about the connection, as a long-time Home Lottery supporter who is also battling her own cancer journey.

“I’m a head and neck cancer survivor. I was first diagnosed in July 2013 and had a big eight-hour operation where they removed the tumour and 63 lymph nodes,” she says.

“I have so many people to thank, Dr JC Hodge, Dr Martin Borg, Tennyson Centre, Dr Sharon Liberali and Dr Timothy Goh from Oxford Dental.

“I’m still suffering – I have problems with my teeth, my swallowing. It gets you quite down.”

So in another sign from above, during a low point last year, Carmelina found comfort from The Hospital Research Foundation Group’s pet ambassadors Arlo and Nala and their owner Nick, who is also a neck cancer survivor.

“I strongly believe my parents brought Nick over to me,” Carmelina says.

“When I see Nick, (wife) Vanessa and the dogs, they are a godsend. They are helping me and they brighten up my day.”

“I am very lucky lady to have great support from Nick, Vanessa, Arlo, Nala, my brothers Pa,t Bruno and my own family. I feel daily comfort and support from my guardian angels above (mum and dad).”

This week we invited Carmelina and her brothers to visit the renovated family home, which is now the $5 million Home Lottery Grand Prize.

They reminisced about their upbringing, and Carmelina feels even more confident that the home was sent from their angel parents above.

“I feel like their angel wings are guiding me,” she says.

“To come back here and see this beautiful home reformed, to The Hospital Research Foundation, is astounding. My parents would be amazed and happy.

“And their legacy lives on as the front fence is still there, which was strongly built by my dad’s younger brother Tony Iasiello, and my dad loved his fruit trees so it was so great to see the walnut tree still on the side of the home.

“I wish the winner all the best and happy memories like we spent here at 44 Park Street, Hyde Park.”

Thank you Carmelina for sharing your story with us, and we wish you all the best for your cancer-fighting journey.

Nick, Arlo and Nala bring comfort to people fighting cancer and fundraise for The Hospital Research Foundation Group. Support their cause here:

To view the Home Lottery home and purchase a ticket, visit