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28th November 2021 Latest News Cancer

Cancer therapy dog Arlo helps people doing it ruff

Dog on lawn

In June this year at just 44 years old, mother of two Mirella Smith had her world rocked when she was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer.

While undergoing intensive treatment and trying to stay brave for her family, Mirella met therapy dog Arlo, a THRF Community Ambassador who brings support to patients, staff and visitors in Adelaide’s hospitals.

“Just having him in my arms takes you away from the illness and gives you a bit of an escape,” Mirella said.

Arlo’s work is gaining lots of attention on Instagram, but it’s the behind-the-scenes impact he’s having on patients like Mirella which is truly inspiring.

And soon Arlo will be joined by Nala, who at 10 weeks old is beginning her training to become a therapy dog to see more than 100 patients and staff a week.

WATCH Mirella, Arlo and Nala’s story here, thanks to Nine News Adelaide.