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9th November 2021 Latest News Cancer

Bruce’s battle with a cancer diagnosis – twice

Bruce and Vicki Bain

Mount Gambier couple Bruce and Vicky Bain had their lives turned upside down when Bruce was diagnosed with cancer not once – but twice.

He was first diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2018 and most recently, he was diagnosed with Stage II bowel cancer.

Bruce had no choice but to travel to Adelaide to receive treatment and both times, he and Vicky stayed at one of The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) Group’s Under Our Roof homes.

Under Our Roof home at Woodville West

There are a total of four homes within close proximity of hospitals and public transport in Adelaide and provide a place of comfort for country cancer patients and their families who have to travel here for treatment.

Bruce and Vicky initially heard about Under Our Roof from a friend who previously stayed in one of the homes to receive treatment. Bruce is thankful he was able to stay in the same home for both of his cancers and said the home truly felt like their own.

“The home was a Godsend for me and Vicky. We stayed at Under Our Roof for eight weeks throughout my prostate cancer treatment and again for three weeks more recently for my bowel cancer surgery,” Bruce said.

“Being from Mount Gambier, we came to Adelaide and left our family. As the homes are spacious, we were so grateful our family could come down and see me throughout my treatment.”

Bruce’s most recent operation was at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH), which is within walking distance from the two homes at Woodville west. When Bruce had his surgery, Vicky would walk to TQEH for visits.

“The location was perfect for us. During his recovery I would walk to the hospital and see him. If he started feeling tired, I would walk back. We didn’t have to worry about parking, and I didn’t have to worry about being too far from him,” Vicky said.

“By the end of our time there we started calling it our home!”

Bruce and Vicky are so thankful for the homes, which eased the burden during two difficult times of their lives.

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