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25th February 2022 Palliative Care

Art for the Heart!

Southern Adelaide Palliative Services Art Exhibition

We have been delighted to support SAPS staff in several ‘Art for the Heart’ sessions at Flinders Medical Centre’s Laurel Hospice.

Staff have appreciated the opportunity to come together in a calming and enjoyable activity while focusing on a mindful and sensory exercise –
also creating some wonderful artworks.

Congratulations must also go to staff who participated in the Inaugural SAPS Staff 2021 Art Exhibition, themed ‘My Happy Place is….’ What a tough
decision this was for our judges with just three winners selected from over 25 artworks!

Given burnout is understandably high within palliative care staff, art therapy can be used to combat symptoms of compassion fatigue.

Well done to all enthusiastic participants and thanks to the Centre for Creative Health’s art therapists Luisa and Jane for their organisation and
creativity. These meaningful creations brightened Laurel Hospice even more, for patients, visitors and staff alike!