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8th May 2023 Latest News

$50,000 donated by Northern Region Crematorium Gawler for Giving Day

Northern Region Crematorium Gawler

For more than 30 years, the Northern Region Crematorium Gawler has been a pillar of strength for families in South Australia during the toughest of times.

Now, this family business is extending its support beyond its core service to help our community live healthier lives, now and into the future.

Their generous donation of $50,000 to The Hospital Research Foundation Group’s annual Giving Day for both 2023 and 2024 will help fund a range of research and patient care programs that tackle a variety of health issues affecting South Australians.

The Northern Region Crematorium, which is owned by Taylor & Forgie, is South Australia’s largest crematorium.

Claire Forgie, who is set to become a sixth-generation funeral director, says the $50,000 represents an important change for their organisation.

“While we’ve had an environmental focus in our charity giving before, but we wanted to shift that to acknowledging our cremation milestone and also look at a broader reach to not only the Gawler area, but all of South Australia through a range of research programs that improve our quality of life now and into the future,” said Claire.

But their commitment to making a difference in the fight against disease and illness doesn’t end there. In addition to the $50,000 donation for Giving Day in 2023, they are generously donating another $50,000 in 2024!

“For us, it’s all about having a sustained impact by committing to two years of giving $50,000 and supporting research that is about enhancing quality of life,” said Mark Forgie, owner and director of Northern Region Crematorium Gawler.

“We want to support all different kinds of research affecting South Australians – every area from cancer to dementia to heart disease.”

THRF Group’s Giving Day is a unique annual opportunity to have the greatest possible impact from your generous donations. 

For this very special appeal, several incredible supporters of THRF Group have pledged to match every dollar received, meaning even more essential funds for the fight against disease and illness. 

Thank you, Northern Region Crematorium Gawler, for donating a generous gift to help South Australian families and support world-class research and patient care! 

Join the fight this Giving Day on Thursday 1 June and together, let’s find cures and improve care for our community. Donate now!