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30th May 2024 Latest News

Donations DOUBLED this Giving Day thanks to $50,000 donated by Northern Region Crematorium Gawler

Northern Region Crematorium Gawler donates $50,000 to Giving Day

The Hospital Research Foundation Group’s annual Giving Day is fast approaching on Thursday 6 June, and this year we aim to raise even more vital funds for our loved ones, across over 50 areas of disease and illness!

Last year, together as a community, we exceeded expectations … At our annual Giving day we raised a groundbreaking $590,597 in just 12 hours!

This year, let’s band together and go even further!

Our Giving Day is a unique opportunity to make DOUBLE the impact of your kind donation, with all donations matched by our incredible group of gift matchers. This means if you give $25 this is turned into $50, and if you give $100, $200 is donated to life-changing medical research and patient care!

So, what’s gift matching about?

Our incredible group of gift matchers have pledged to DOUBLE all Giving Day donations on or before Thursday, 6 June! Just like you, these generous donors believe that together, we are stronger, and we cannot win this fight alone!

Generous donors like the Northern Region Crematorium Gawler, who have kindly donated an incredible $50,000 for the second year in a row!


For more than 30 years, the Northern Region Crematorium Gawler has been a pillar of strength for families in South Australia during the toughest of times.

Now, this family business is supporting life-changing research and patient care for all South Australians, and has donated $50,000 to our Giving Day for the second time.

Their generous donations of $50,000 to our Giving Day in both 2023 and 2024 will help fund a range of research and patient care programs that tackle a variety of health issues affecting South Australians.

Claire Forgie, who is set to become a sixth-generation funeral director, says the $50,000 represents an important change for their organisation.

“The Hospital Research Foundation Group was an ideal platform for us to contribute to because it touches many areas of health and wellbeing of our clients,” says Claire.


“Whilst we are located in the north of Adelaide we want to be able to make an impact for all Australians, now and into the future.” 

Their incredible donation has come after an additional $50,000 gifted in 2023.  Their sustained commitment to impact the future of medical research and patient care is truly inspirational.

“Gift matching shows that there’s still a sense of community, in supporting each other, not just trying to do it alone … by gift matching we are part of a collective effort,” says Claire.

“No donation is too small … $5 can turn in to $10, $10 to $20, and it grows from there. Whatever you can contribute makes a difference.”

Your gift on or before Giving day, Thursday 6 of June will be DOUBLED, meaning you make an even greater impact for our loved ones fighting disease and illness.

Thank you, Northern Region Crematorium Gawler, for donating a generous gift to help South Australian families and support world-class research and patient care! 

Join the fight this Giving Day on Thursday 6 June and together, let’s find cures and improve care for our community. Donate now!