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13th October 2023

3 Reasons Why Writing Your Will Matters

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If you’re young and healthy, writing your Will is likely at the bottom of your to-do list. It may feel like Will-writing is a task reserved for later in life, but the truth is that life is unpredictable, and none of us can foresee the future. If you’re over the age of 18, it’s never too early to write your Will – a legal document that outlines your wishes regarding the distribution of your estate  if you unexpectedly pass.

Hopefully you won’t need to use your Will for many years to come, but it is truly never too early to be prepared. It’s crucial to have a legally binding Will prepared to protect your hard-earned assets, as well as some other reasons you may not realise.

1.   It’s not as hard as you think!

Whilst the process of writing a Will may seem daunting, in reality it can be quite straightforward, and may save you and your loved ones unnecessary stress and worry down the line. Online Will-writing platforms like Safewill take the hassle out of writing your Will, making the process stress-free and straightforward, allowing you to write your Will from the comfort of your home.

2.  Make a difficult time less difficult

The loss of a loved one is undoubtedly one of life’s most challenging experiences. In the aftermath of a significant loss, families can find themselves facing numerous emotional and logistical challenges. Having a well-prepared Will can provide a sense of clarity and solace at a time of such uncertainty and grief. It offers clear instructions on how to handle your affairs, ensuring that your personal values and beliefs are upheld.

3.  Make your impact your legacy!

Beyond ensuring your loved ones are looked after, a Will allows you to make a lasting impact on the causes and organisations close to your heart – otherwise known as leaving a bequest.

By including a charitable bequest or establishing a charitable trust in your Will, you can continue to fight disease and illness, providing hope for your friends, family, and Australians more broadly. A gift of as little as 1% of your estate can make a monumental difference to the advancement of life-changing medical research and patient care in an area of your choosing. Any contribution can make a substantial difference in the lives of others, and leaves a legacy of compassion and generosity.

Two older people looking down and smiling with text on image reading Gift in Will The Hospital Research Foundation Group

Writing your Will is an act of love that transcends generations, gifting hope. It ensures your loved ones are protected, your legacy of meaningful impact endures, and difficult times are made more manageable. Thinking about writing your Will can be daunting, but it’s a critical aspect of planning for the future that can ensure your wishes are respected, and legacy is protected.

So, don’t delay – take the necessary steps to create your Will sooner rather than later.

Where necessary, you may need to seek professional advice regarding your personal circumstances.