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Create Smiles: Support Kidsflix in Victoria 🌈

Make a difference in the lives of children in Victoria by supporting Kidsflix. Your contribution ensures that we continue creating magical moments through inclusive events. Every donation brings joy, laughter, and a sense of belonging to children facing unique challenges in Victoria. Join us in spreading the enchantment – donate today.

Support Kidsflix's Mission in VIC 🌟

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Creating Memories: Your Impact Through Kidsflix💖

When you donate to Kidsflix in Victoria, you’re not just giving – you’re igniting joy and making a lasting impact on the lives of children facing unique challenges. Your contribution ensures that each event is a magical experience, creating smiles, fostering connections, and providing unforgettable moments. Be a champion of inclusion, and see the direct and meaningful difference you make in the lives of children in Victoria through your generous support. Join us in spreading happiness and creating lasting memories!

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How Your Donation Transforms Lives


Run Kidsflix Events

Your contribution directly supports the organisation and execution of Kidsflix events in Victoria, ensuring children facing unique challenges experience the magic of inclusion.

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Excess Funds to Research

Any surplus from your donation is directed towards research projects aimed at enhancing the lives of children, contributing to ongoing initiatives that make a lasting impact.

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100% Direct to Cause

Rest assured, every cent of your donation goes directly to Kidsflix, guaranteeing that your support is maximised to create joy and positive change for the children we serve.

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The Heart of Kidsflix: The Hospital Research Foundation Group

Kidsflix is backed by The Hospital Research Foundation Group, a leading force in the fight against diseases through essential medical research and patient care services. With a proud 57-year history, this organisation has evolved from supporting a single hospital to impacting research and patient care initiatives across all public hospitals, universities, and medical research centres around Australia. Together, with the generous support of donors, The Hospital Research Foundation Group plays a crucial role in creating inclusive and joyful experiences for children facing unique challenges, contributing to a broader mission of better health and wellbeing for our community.

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Stories of Joy

Discover the real impact of Kidsflix through the words of those we've touched. Our heartfelt testimonials showcase the transformative experiences families have had, emphasizing the profound joy and lasting memories created by Kidsflix events. Explore the powerful stories that reflect the heartwarming connections and moments of pure magic that define the Kidsflix experience.

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Stories of Joy

Thank you so much for the kind invitation to attend this event. My daughter was uber excited and was awake at ridiculous o’clock in anticipation. My daughter suffers from refractory epilepsy. Some days she has more than 60 seizures in the day and is exhausted. There is so much more than just the seizures (fatigue, nausea, confusion, lack of coordination etc) but the worst part for her is people looking at her differently because of it. The Kidsflix event made a safe space for her to engage with other people who are also a little different for various reasons. It was such a huge treat. I explained to her that the event only runs because people donate their money, time and energy. She was a little in awe that strangers would want to make her feel special just because they can.


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Unforgettable Kidsflix Experiences Await in VIC

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Melbourne West

December 14, 2024 Kidsflix nsw1

Melbourne City

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