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Welcome to Kidsflix – a program of The Hospital Research Foundation Group – where joy knows no bounds! We’re a special program committed to creating unforgettable moments for children through free and inclusive cinema events. Your support makes these events possible. Consider donating to bring smiles to little faces at our community-sponsored events and extend the magic of inclusive entertainment to more children.

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Lights, Camera, Inclusion: Kidsflix - A Joyful Movie Experience

At Kidsflix, our primary goal is to improve wellbeing by creating childhood memories for children and their families who are living with illness, disability or social disadvantage. We are dedicated to providing free and unforgettable events that go beyond entertainment, fostering a sense of belonging and happiness for every child.

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Support Kidsflix in Your State

Join us on a journey of spreading joy across three vibrant states – South Australia, Victoria, and New South Wales. Discover how Kidsflix makes a difference in local communities, one event at a time.

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South Australia

Embrace the warmth of Kidsflix in Adelaide, where we create magical moments for children facing unique challenges. Explore our events, learn about community support, and find out how you can contribute to the joy.

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In Victoria, Kidsflix is weaving the magic of inclusive entertainment. Dive into the vibrant events, read stories of community support, and explore how your involvement can bring smiles to more little faces.

Kidsflix Victoria
New South Wales

New South Wales

Discover the Kidsflix experience in New South Wales, where we extend the reach of joy to children with special needs. Uncover the details of our events, understand the impact of donations, and consider joining hands with us to make a difference.

Kidsflix NSW

The Kidsflix Experience

🌈 A Day of Joy and Movies

Children immerse in a day of wonder, where face painting adds a splash of color to smiling faces, and the aroma of freshly popped popcorn fills the air. Kidsflix ensures that each child experiences the magic of the big screen, providing the latest children's movies, a complimentary drink, and popcorn. It's a sensory-friendly and inclusive experience designed to make sure every child feels the enchantment.

🎉 Inclusive Entertainment

At Kidsflix, inclusivity is at the heart of our mission. We believe that every child deserves the simple pleasures of childhood, and our thoughtfully curated entertainment reflects this commitment. From the movie selection to the activities, we create an environment where families can come together, share in the joy, and build lasting memories.

❤️ Heartwarming Moments

Every Kidsflix-supported moment is a canvas of heartwarming experiences. Families connect, friendships are formed, and joy radiates throughout the venue. But don't just take our word for it – hear the stories of families who have firsthand experienced the magic, sharing tales of resilience, laughter, and the transformative power of Kidsflix.

Stories of Joy

Discover the real impact of Kidsflix through the words of those we've touched. Our heartfelt testimonials showcase the transformative experiences families have had, emphasizing the profound joy and lasting memories created by Kidsflix events. Explore the powerful stories that reflect the heartwarming connections and moments of pure magic that define the Kidsflix experience.

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Upcoming Kidsflix Events

Be a driving force behind the magic! Your donations make upcoming Kidsflix events possible, creating moments of joy and inclusion for children facing unique challenges. Join us by contributing and making a real difference in their lives.

May 25, 2024 Adelaide North 1

Adelaide North, SA

June 1, 2024 PXL_20230624_000327261

Sydney Northwest, NSW

June 15, 2024 Melbourne West 1

Melbourne West, VIC

June 22, 2024 Adelaide City 1

Adelaide City, SA

August 10, 2024 NSW 1

Sydney East, NSW

August 24, 2024 PXL_20230623_234021411

Adelaide Hills, SA

September 14, 2024 NSW 2

Adelaide West, SA

October 26, 2024 South Australia resized

South East, SA

November 2, 2024 NSW 7

Sydney West, NSW

November 16, 2024 Kidsflix NSW soj

Hunter, NSW

November 30, 2024 Kidsflix nsw3

Sydney North Shore, NSW

December 7, 2024 PXL_20230624_000030075

Adelaide City, SA

December 14, 2024 2 young children holding balloon swords in hoyts cinema foyer.

Melbourne City, VIC

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Proudly Supported by The Hospital Research Foundation Group

Kidsflix is backed by The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) Group, a leading force in the fight against diseases through essential medical research and patient care services. With a proud 57-year history, this organisation has evolved from supporting a single hospital to impacting research and patient care initiatives across all public hospitals, universities, and medical research centres around Australia. With THRF Group, your generosity extends beyond the cinema – surplus funds are invested into life-changing research and care programs dedicated to children’s health conditions.


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Receive timely updates about our programs, events, and the magic we create for children facing unique challenges. Join us in spreading joy and making a difference in their lives.

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