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Join the fight this Giving Day! 

1 in 2 Aussies have a chronic health condition. Each year, there are 50,000 deaths from cancer alone. Our enemies: cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, mental illness, are all on the attack. We must fight back.

Your donation on or before Giving Day will directly transform lives in Western Australia by supporting life-changing medical research and patient care. By coming together with The Hospital Research Foundation Group for Giving Day, our impact will reach even more people in need and save more lives!

Double your impact by giving on or before 6 June!

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Many thanks to all researchers for their skills and passion to seek new cures. Your work can be life changing!

Why join the fight?

Medical research and patient care are vital for improving the health and wellbeing of our community. That’s why we are committed to supporting innovative research and patient care projects that make a difference in all stages of life

With a quarter of a century of success and experience, Spinnaker continues to build on our strength and expertise to leverage impact. We focus on finding treatments and solutions to our community’s most chronic health issues.

But there is so much more to be done. Spinnaker has now joined forces with The Hospital Research Foundation, and we’re asking for support of our first ever Giving Day on Thursday, 6 June, where all donations will be DOUBLED!

Donate now and double my impact! 
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We need you now! 

Join us on 6 June for our biggest-ever Giving Day and double your impact in the fight to save lives! 

Thanks to a group of generous donors who have contributed to our Giving Day gift-match fund, your donation will be doubled when you give today, enabling you to make an even bigger difference. 

These donors share our passion for the new projects that we are working on, and they want to encourage others like you to give by matching your donation!  

Remember, all donations received on or before 6 June will be DOUBLED. Will you please give a kind gift today?  

Donate now and double my impact! 
giving day thursday 6 June 9am - 9pm.

From birth to end-of-life, we’re fighting for our loved ones

From the first time you cradle your newborn in your arms, to an unexpected diagnosis, to a well-deserved retirement, to the final goodbye and every anniversary, milestone and breakthrough in between, our THRF Group community is dedicated to fighting for every precious moment of your life journey.  

Will you make a donation today and join the fight for our community by supporting world-class research and patient care? Your donation on or before Giving Day will directly transform lives in Western Australia by supporting life-changing medical research and patient care.

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Support lifesaving research

Together, with you in our corner, we can support life-changing research and patient care! 

  • Your donation will improve the health and wellbeing on men in WA, focusing on the connections between mental and physical health
  • Dr. Adnan Khattak is leading groundbreaking clinical trials at the forefront of melanoma research right here in WA, developing innovative treatments for melanoma
  • Your donation will give every child in WA the best chance at a healthy life. From early intervention to establish healthy habits early on and prevent future health issues, to community partnerships between families, healthcare providers, and researchers.

And that’s only three research projects we’re fighting for. You will make a powerful difference with a donation today!

From birth to end of life, you are fighting for the health of Western Australians

It’s up to us to fight back!  

It’s because of people like you that everyone has a fighting chance to live their best lives – from birth to end-of-life and beyond – through ground-breaking research that gets us one step closer to a future free from disease and illness.  

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Your Giving Day donations will be matched! Donations made on or before June 6th 2024, at 9 PM ACST are eligible for matching up to the total matching fund amount (to be announced on June 6th 2024, at 9 AM ACST). Matching stops at 9 PM ACST or if the fund is exhausted prior. Any matching pledges unfulfilled before June 6th 2024, at 9 AM ACST, will not be included in the matching fund total.