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Thank you, you are an inspiration!

Thank you, you are an inspiration!

By becoming a gift-matcher for our Cancer Fighters Fund, you’ll be a leader among givers and an inspiration for others to join the fight. The funds you help raise will support Professor Michael P. Brown’s project that has shown incredible results in effectively killing the brain cancer cells in pre-clinical trials. We are confident that the project's next phase with brain cancer patients will yield incredible results in improving the lives of Aussie kids!

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Why we need you?

Brain cancer is one of the most common childhood cancers, with around 120 children and adolescents diagnosed each year in Australia.

Brain cancer also causes more deaths in children than any other type of cancer.

Sadly, children with the worst survival rate (about 55%) are those younger than 5 years old. Brain cancer is one of the toughest cancers to treat. The surgery involved has a high risk of brain damage, and in some cases, it is just impossible.

Radiation therapy can temporarily delay tumour growth, however, many chemotherapy drugs can’t cross the blood-brain barrier (our natural defence system against harmful chemicals entering the brain) and so can’t reach the cancer.

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You can help!

Professor Michael P. Brown and his team at the Centre for Cancer Biology in Adelaide are working hard to fight for Aussie children. In their study, they aim to provide a new kind of immunotherapy for aggressive brain cancers that affect children (and adults).

This immunotherapy is called chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T cell therapy. CAR T-cell therapy involves using a patient’s own cancer-fighting T-cells, genetically engineering them in the lab to create supercharged “CAR” T-cells, and then returning them to the patient in the hope they can home in on the brain cancer and attack the cancer cells.

This approach has shown incredible results in effectively killing the brain cancer cells in pre-clinical trials, which gives us confidence that the next phase of the project with brain cancer patients will yield incredible results.

This is where you can really help. Your donation today will help us advance this lifesaving research.

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Why become a gift-matcher?

Your action today will inspire many others to join us in our shared mission to fight against disease and illness by funding vital medical research and patient care services in the community.

We know that people are more likely to give—or give more—when donations from a gift-match fund can match their donations. For example, when they give $100, a further $100 gets added to the gift-match fund to double their impact.

With your gift arriving on or before November 1, we will be able to announce the amount available for gift-matching to our other supporters so we can raise as much funds as possible for this lifesaving project!

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