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Arlo Needs Your Help

I’m Arlo the Therapy Dog, and I need your help to chase away disease and illness!

$10,021 Raised

$10,000 Goal

Donate now to help Arlo chase away disease and illness through The Hospital Research Foundation

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Arlo’s collection tins Furryfighter
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Thanks everyone who donated what a Pawsome effort

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Arlo’s collection tins Furryfighter
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Help me make a difference

Every day, so many of our brave and beloved humans are fighting cancer, heart disease, mental health, stroke, dementia and many other diseases and illnesses.

As a Therapy Dog, I’m trying my best to make all the humans in hospital feel loved and lift their spirits while they get the treatment and care they need.

Everyone tells me I’m making a big difference so far! But even though I have the cuddliest coat and the biggest of hearts, one little dog can only do so much.
That’s why I need you, human, to join me in the fight against disease and illness. Together, we can chase them away for good!

You can support my mission today by making a generous donation to help fund over 50 areas of medical research and improved patient care thanks to The Hospital Research Foundation.

Your support means lots more happy and healthy humans, and lots more pats and cuddles for dogs like me!

Help me chase away our deadly enemies
Dog on lawn

Furry Fighters

Chasing away disease and illness sure can be ruff! But that doesn’t mean we can’t look super stylish while doing it.

I’m so excited to share my new and exclusive range of doggy vests, bandanas and leads with all my furry fighter friends!

By purchasing any of my super cool furry fighter merch, not only will you be helping me to chase away our deadly enemies, but your pet will be the most fashionable pooch at the dog park!

But be quick! Stocks are limited so be sure to get yours today to avoid missing out.

And the best bit? 100% of proceeds from our furry fighter merchandise goes directly to world-leading medical research and improved patient care.

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How I helped chase away cancer

When I first met my amazing human, Nick, he was very sick and had almost given up hope.

Nick had a rare and aggressive form of tongue and throat cancer. He had to undergo really ruff treatments and a super scary surgery!

Thankfully, Nick’s incredible doctors were able to save his life, but he still had a long and painful recovery ahead of him. He had survived, but it took a heavy toll.

The doctors suggested that Nick get a Therapy Dog (that’s me!) to help chase away some of his sadness. And even though I was just a puppy, I was so excited and happy to help!

Thanks to all the doctors and nurses—and lots of cuddles and play time with me—brave Nick is now in remission and full of hope for our future together.

I’m so glad that I could help my wonderful human to chase away cancer. But my furry fighter friends tell me there are many other sick humans that still need our help!

I want to help Arlo!
Nick & Arlo

My brave human, Nick survived cancer! Now, he and I need your help to chase away disease and illness for good.

Help me bring hope

Fighting disease and illness is no walk in the park—trust me!

Parks have sunshine and birds to chase, but hospitals are full of scary-looking machines and funny smells. It’s no wonder so many humans get sad and lonely in there.

Together, we can give them hope.

Since his recovery, Nick and I have been visiting lots of courageous patients and hardworking hospital staff. They often tell me that my fluffy face and wagging tail give them a much-needed reason to smile.

But sadly, there are so many sick humans and only one Arlo.

Furry fighters like me are doing everything we can to chase away cancer, heart disease, mental illness, stroke, dementia, liver disease, diabetes and so many other deadly enemies. But we need the help of humans like you to really make a difference!

Make a life-changing donation
Arlo at RAH

I love visiting the courageous patients and hardworking hospital staff and brightening up their day!

With your generous support, we can bring hope and save lives through ground-breaking medical research and improved patient care.