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Join the 36ers in the fight to save lives!

The Adelaide 36ers have partnered with us to join the fight against disease and illness! At The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) Group, we support over 50 vital areas of research and patient care in South Australia. While the 36ers are scoring goals on the court, the team is also helping our community score goals in the name of health, wellbeing and health literacy this 2021/22 NBL season. Will you join the fight to find cures, discover new treatments and improve patient care? Your donation will save lives!

Adelaide 36ers
Adelaide 36ers Fight

Adelaide 36ers join the fight for cures and improved care! The 36ers will proudly wear The Hospital Research Foundation Group’s logo on their guernseys as part of the partnership and deliver health and wellbeing messaging, fundraising and community awareness goals.

Fight for the health of all South Australians

As part of our partnership with the 36ers, players will be helping spread the word about healthy living and prioritising physical and mental wellbeing.

Now, we need you to help us and the team to support a healthy community and fight disease and illness. Show your support for the health of all South Australians by giving generously today!

Your donation will go to a specific area of research or patient care that is close to your heart, or we can direct your kind gift to an area that needs urgent funding. Thanks to your generosity, we can continue to save lives.

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Join us and make a difference!

Paul Flynn, CEO of The Hospital Research Foundation Group, says it is fantastic to unite with the state’s preeminent basketball team that has a proud history of success both on and off the court.

“The 36ers’ exceptional game-day experience and community programs bring families and friends together, all united on a common goal, and that is something we are keen to see used to deliver a great health and wellbeing narrative,” Paul says.

“Sport plays a pivotal role in uniting people from all walks of life and the synergies this has with our mission makes the Adelaide 36ers the perfect partner to drive health messages and awareness.”

We need your help to save lives and ensure a healthy future for all South Australians. Please, give generously to help our researchers create lifesaving treatments, find cures and improve patient care.

Together, we are stronger. Together. Fight!

Donate and join the Fight!
Adelaide 36ers + THRF Group

Join the Adelaide 36ers in their fight against disease and illness!

With you and the 36ers in our corner, we have a fighting chance to discover medical breakthroughs that will find cures and save lives.

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There are many ways you can choose to donate to support the fight against disease and illness.

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