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Our Benefits

We offer a wide selection of benefits, perks and development opportunities.

Adelaide Thunderbirds with THRF staff

Salary Packaging

As a Group of health promotion charities and Public Benevolent Institutions, we have access to salary packaging that allows us to pay for certain expenses before tax is taken out of our earnings. This reduces the amount of tax paid, to help us make the most of our income!

We also get access to a Rewards Club, which gives us discounts to major retailers, restaurants, gift cards and leisure activities

A Place to GROW

Training and Development

Our performance and development model promotes having the skills and support for current roles, and our future roles. We are provided with opportunities to advance our knowledge and skills. An investment is made into my skills and abilities so we can make a bigger impact on our community.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are a diverse mix of individuals who thrive on bringing our own perspectives and backgrounds to the workplace, allowing us to continually innovate while having a genuine sense of belonging.

YOUR Health and Wellbeing

Employee Assistance Program

Sometimes life is hard! We have access to an Employee Assistance Program for both ourselves and our families, which allows us to have a confidential chat to independent psychologists to work through any issues we may be facing in our personal or professional life.

Fitness and Health Reimbursements

We have access to reimburse a portion of our individual fitness and health memberships once a month.

Flu Vaccinations

We are offered yearly flu vaccinations for ourselves and our immediate family.


Paid Parental Leave

In addition to the standard entitlements, we have paid parental leave, and we are offered support through types of paid leave.


We love to work hard, so it is important that we achieve the right balance between work and life! We have options for flexible work arrangements and working from home, as long as our role and organisational responsibilities are met.

Involvement in JOY


We are a passionate team, and we are proud to work for an organisation with purpose. We get the privilege to represent THRF Group and participate in exciting events throughout the year, from attending and volunteering at sporting games with our partners, to The Longest Table celebrations and lots in between.


We strive to make a real impact on the health and wellbeing of our community. We count ourselves lucky, we get to see firsthand the positive impact we have on communities every day. We often get to meet and hear from very special community members who inspire us to continue to do what we do!